Substance Abuse and Pregnancy

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  • Published : December 9, 2011
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Substance abuse during pregnancy is an ongoing problem. These poor infants can’t defend themselves or stop the harmful substances from entering their body it’s all the desion of the mother but the child is the one who has to suffer the consequences and deal with the long term effect that substance abuse can cause hopefuly this essay will educate about the different risk involved for the mother and for the baby when the mother chooses to smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs during pregnancy. With the research and facts provided, hopefully people will know how dangerous this and how bad it is effecting the future of society society. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause low birth weight and a number of other defects. Smoking during pregnancy may cause the baby to be born with an addiction to nicotine. Drug use during pregnancy can cause death, low birth weight, blindness and other defects. Women who drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or use drugs should really consider stopping if they become pregnant because of the possibility of long term damage these things can cause the baby.

Substance abuse during pregnancy

Substance abuse during pregnancy is an ongoing problem, sad thing is that some infants don’t make it, and the one’s that do survive sometimes have to live with a birth defect. Sometimes a mother can do everything rite and baby can still be born with a birth defect. When babies are born with signs of substance abuse they are tested if any illegal drugs or alcohol are found the mother is not able to take child home and the hospital contacts child protective services. Alcohol use, smoking, and illegal drug use during pregnancy are three of the most common causes of low birth weight and birth defects.

Alcohol use

First, alcohol use is a common cause of low birth weight some women who drink during pregnancy say they didn’t think it would hurt the fetus , even light drinking is not safe, no level of alcohol use during pregnancy has been...
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