Suboptimal Controller Using Model Reduction Technique

Topics: Control theory, Optimal control, Feedback Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Gaurav Kumar, Avinash Pandey, Ashutosh Dubey
Department of Instrumentation and Control
Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida

A very great amount of thought has been given to the selection of this topic. Basically, here we are concerned with the problem of dealing with higher order ricatti equation. The amount of work and the number of variables used in various calculations in a power plant is very large and the objective is to minimize the higher order model into a lower order model as the lower order model is easy to work with. The next difficulty is to design the optimal controller for the ricatti equation of higher model. These two problems are the main concern of our topic. The idea for the solution of these problems is the use of Routh Pade Approximation technique. It is a technique that reduces the order of the equation in a very easy and work-friendly way. The Pade Approximation reduces the higher order model into a lower order model and then we design a suboptimal controller for this lower order model. These two things, namely, the order reduction using Routh Pade Approximation and the design of the suboptimal controller are two different things and they have been taken care of separately.

As we know the calculations carried out at a place like power plants are massive and the amount of time taken is very large. This whole process makes the calculations easier and there is a great deal in reduction of the total time consumed. The results, as we expect will be same. The result without reducing the model and using the suboptimal controller comes out to be the same as after reducing the model and then designing the suboptimal controller.

The design of an optimal control law for large scale system becomes quite complex due to the problem of...
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