Subjugated Women in Today’s Society

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, 30 Seconds to Mars Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: February 22, 2013

In the short essay “where are you going and where have you been” it portrays a girl, Connie as a women and how they are manipulated and controlled by men. In today’s society women have become stronger have more of a voice in what they want to do but still to this day are looked as just objects of sex and manipulation. Women are subjugated my men; to not be able to do what they want they are hold down and they have to work harder than men and still don’t get the same treatment. In this short story the author is using Connie as an example of how women are controlled by men sexually and emotionally. Shows how Connie is an allegorical figure of subjugated women in today’s society.

In the story Alfred tells Connie “you will have sex with me” witch shows how men are controlling and dictate what women will do. In this world men are stronger and women are just a piece of fragile glass that men are ready to smash on the floor. Women are looked as an object of sex and desire and if not sexually appealing then are rejected by men and looked down upon.

Alfred also calls connie “blue eyes” and she dosnt have blue eyes wich is an example of how men dictate how women look. Women have to look a certain way dress a certain way and act a certain way or there will be consequences. In this society we might not kill women but we neglect them and kill there self-stem and there soul. Which make girls dress sexually appeling to fit into modern society.

In conclution we can see that in present times the world has change a bit from when this story was written. Women have gotten more respect and power but even to this day men are superior and women view of sexuallity and pleasure have incresed tremendusly and are looked as advertisement for men pleasure. Sexual pretitors are more and more comman this days and little girls are usually the prime target because or there beauty but also week soul.
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