Topics: Opioid, Morphine, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: June 29, 2012
Part A
The author’s subjectivity can be seen by the tone in his writing. In the chosen paragraphs, the author is discussing the rise of prescription drug use versus the decline of illegal street drugs. The author, Dr. Caplan, shows his bias toward prescription drug abuse by only providing data about the prescription drug use and not providing any percentages about the illegal drug use. Also in these paragraphs, you can see the author’s subjectivity to who should be to blame for these increases. He points out that although not all doctors are causing the problem, but there are a few that are responsible. Part B

Everything we do in life is filtered through our own subjectivity. This can be a good or bad thing. As Parker Palmer said, “We teach who we are.” By this he meant that we bring the sum total of our lives and life experiences to the classroom. Do not try to be impartial to our subjectivity but to use it in the best possible way. The important thing is to recognize your areas of subjectivity and try to work with and through them. Acceptable behavior and rules are subjective as well to some extent. I tend to watch the boys for misbehavior more often. Because in my experience, the boys are more prone to act up or at least be louder about it than the girls. Although the rules must always be adhered to, there is wiggle room. An example of how subjectivity can be a detriment to teaching is that if there is something in the curriculum that I do not personally like, I may tend to gloss over these units and not give them enough emphasis. The best way to change this would be to have detailed lesson plans for the units I don’t care for. This way I will have a road map through the units and can make sure the students are not being “cheated” out of the information they need. A good way to mediate my subjectivity in the classroom would be to avoid discussions of religion, politics and prejudice in my classroom. The role of a teacher is an authority position and not...
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