Subjective Judgment

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Subjective Judgment
Judgment is not something certain but rather a reflection of one’s own personal beliefs, in other words it is subjective opinion of something. Therefore, the statement “good judgment” is in fact an oxymoron, for in order for someone to claim that it is good he must judge it. Good judgment varies from person to person based on what he/she believes to be “good.” Nonetheless, good judgment is generally used to describe an action that is beneficial to oneself and this is why often times good judgment conflicts with one’s pursuit of what is believed to be the ultimate way to achieve this benefit, money.

Judgment is directly related to one’s ideals and morals; therefore, if ones morals are corrupt or their ideals improperly formed, their judgment will suffer. Still, the majority of people tend to trust common opinion and although common opinion is not the best of teachers, it prevents ignorant people from forming a much worse conscience and judgment. Still, judgment tends to stray from person to person no matter how faithful they are to common opinion especially people from unique environments. This is due to the fact that apart from common opinion their judgment strives for something else. Investors for example, strive to make deals and do what ever it takes to make money. Consequently, their judgment focuses on ways to achieve this goal and therefore any decision that brings them closer to it is, to them, “good judgment.”

Another definition of what is commonly accepted as good judgment is any decision that benefits oneself but at the same time respects the integrity of others. This is based off of the idea that if everyone looks out for one another they will all progress. Of course, one cannot in “good judgment” trust others to do the same. This is commonly the idea that every investor on Wall Street or anywhere else holds. So, they achieve their goals in a very selfish way, which is any way they can.

Wall Street companies are all geared...
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