Subjective Essay : Value

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Tash Douglas
December 12, 2012
Subjective Essay: Values

From the moment we are born our parents begin to instill certain values that they believe are necessary in us. Every family has different values. They will continue to preach and remind us of these same values as we grow and eventually we become of age where we begin to take with us wherever we go. These values will soon reflect in our personalities and also help us to make many decisions in our lives. Growing up my family also thought me some many important values, some that I don’t remember but some I still cherish today. Some of the values were honesty, determination and consideration. These values as well as my morals play apart in how I view things right or wrong and in many other aspects of my life.

Honesty. Honesty is defined as the quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness. It is important in everyday life because it revolves around how we carry out daily routine activities. Honesty was the most important value taught to me. I was told to always speak the truth, because the truth can get you a long way in life. If I practice to lie, I will have to tell that lie in every stride of life, so it would be good for me to speak the truth from the beginning. I was thought also tell me to be honest with everyone and in everything I do. I may find it difficult at time but the benefits of honesty outweighs the benefits of lies. Throughout the years growing up I have learned to understand why honesty is a necessary part of life. There were many times it was very difficult for me to admit the truth and I ended up lying. That one lie turned into many lies and more stress and unhappiness. I learned that being honest in more than just telling the truth it brings more happiness into your life. This value I continue to practice and display in my everyday life.

Determination. Determination is the ability of being determined to do or achieve something. It is a common...
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