Sub-Genres in Photography Gaining Momentum

Topics: Urban decay, Photography, Urban exploration Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: March 14, 2013
D Mihelic
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Instructor Anne Erickson
Sub-genres in Photography Gaining Momentum

Professional photography is the act of capturing a moment in time and sharing it with an audience. Within the field of photography, there are many genres and sub-genres, from strictly documentarian to abstract art. Times change rapidly, and the field has changed with it. Due to the advancements in digital photography and instant results that digital cameras can give us, the photographer is able to expand his/her reach beyond simply one genre: because most of the darkroom processing is gone, one can display a dizzying array of subject matters all under the umbrella of one business. This freedom has opened up some fascinating doors into photography as an art form. One such sub-genre is the popular field of Urban Exploration and making art out of photo shoots inside abandoned buildings, underground, and exposing the decay as a romantic subject: this is the beauty that is urban decay, and while this is not a new genre, it is one that is gaining rapid popularity with the adventurous photographer. A very popular type of building to explore is an abandoned hospital.

Imagine it: after researching and scouting your location, you finally enter the abandoned building. There is no noise, questionable surroundings, and little light. Stepping carefully, you turn a corner into a room with light shining through a broken window, and you see it – the elements have done a number on this place, and nature is starting to take over. There is debris everywhere, peeling paint, rust on the exposed pipes and it hits you: while most people walking in would be taken aback by what the mainstream would call an ‘ugly’ site, it is beautiful to you. It is beautiful because there once was life here, and this place is a shell that holds the remains of a time that has passed. The peeling layers of paint expose many others beneath, and you touch it – put your hand...
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