Sub-Disciplines of Epistemology

Topics: Taste, Sense, Empiricism Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Journal #2
In class we talked about the sub-disciplines of epistemology. There are three which are empiricism, rationalism and skepticism. Out of these three I feel that I, myself am an empiricist. I feel this because everything I have learned in my short life up to this point has been through some type of experience in my life involving one or more of the five senses. I was trying to think of a case where I may have knowledge of something without someone telling me or showing me and I couldn’t come up with anything thus meaning that I learned from experiences.

An example I have learned through life by the five senses is my food preferences by tasting. Over the course of my life I have tasted many different foods and the only way of knowing whether I liked that food or not was by tasting it on my own. Another example would be learning how to throw a baseball properly. I watched my dad as he showed me and after practicing over and over again I was successful in throwing the ball properly. For that, I used the senses of sight and touch.

In conclusion, the other sub-disciplines may very well be true for some people but I believe that I’ve learned everything by my own sense and experience. I say this because every day you’re constantly using your senses to figure out something for yourself. Different people have different experiences than you, thus meaning their knowledge may not be that of your own.
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