Styrofoam as an Alternative Scentedglue

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This is a true story about negligence and the story was happened in the operating room. The doctor is operating a twelve (12) years old girl who had scheduled for tonsillectomy. In the operating room the doctor order cocaine to a nurse Ms. Lorenza Somera then the nurse repeat the order of the doctor and doctor say yes and the nurse give the medication to the doctor, then the doctor inject the medication to the patient. Suddenly, patient experience dizziness and pale skin after two minutes the patient was died. The parents of the patient decided to have autopsy and they found out that the cause of death is they give the wrong medication. The doctor was in prison due to negligence and Ms. Somera was guilty because she forgot the action of the medication given to the patient. This is a big negligence because cocaine can cause CNS Depressant and applied to mucus membrane surface. The appropriate order should be procaine a patented medication containing local anaesthetic agent that can relieve the pain. It is very importance to be knowledgeable of the indication of the medication. One step move can cause harm or death to the patient, so it is very necessary to review or study even due you are already professional so that we can’t forget the importance of expertise in giving medication because we deal with life. The story tells that we need to be careful in every action we take because our main objective is to take care of the patient to help from his/her condition not cause harm or negligence.



As I watched the movie, I saw how much the father can do anything in order save his son. The father sacrificed everything even though he can get the money in a wrong way. The movie tackled about a child who diagnosed heart disease and how the indigenous father’s save his son. Despite of the hardest in life but still they do anything to save...
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