Stylistic Contributions to Film and Home Video Productions in Nigeria: the Tunde Kelani Example

Topics: Nigeria, Film, Culture Pages: 11 (3553 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Chapter One
An overview of Tunde Kelani’s model as a film/video artiste.

Tunde Kelani is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s most renowned film makers. Hi particular attention to technical and photographic details give his works a clear edge over others which is exactly why he has grown to be known all over Africa and in some parts of the western world. Perhaps one factor that influences Tunde Kelani as a choice of study for this project is his background with filmmakers such as Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love) who came from the “Alarinjo” theatre background. He it was who took up the challenge of proving that standard indigenous films could be made without expatriate intervention.

Tunde Kelani’s works such as Abeni and Campus Queen have also at times been viewed as mixed media i.e. combining the elements of the stage and electronic media performances in a brilliant fusion. Furthermore, this study intends to explore how Tunde Kelani’s works first became the yardstick of quality production in Nigeria at a time when films and home videos were poorly produced.

From utmost complacency, Tunde Kelani’s productions have rouse film/video consumers in Nigeria into a consciousness of standard whereby consumers have now started to call for a certain level of standard in films/home videos. Though this consciousness was slow to register, it has since become strong and unyielding. Thus, this study is therefore intended to study the emergence of the works of Tunde Kelani and how they have been able to create this effect on the film/home video consuming society in Nigeria.

Chapter Two
Cultural influences and affectations in Tunde Kelani’s works.

The Nigerian society is sustained via stringent codes of existence and spiritual dependence on the supernatural which must be obeyed and in obeying these codes various processes of spiritual rites must be undertaken to ensure the success of such rituals. Generously endowed with oral and written literatures in a variety of languages, it has produced a number of remarkably talented creative artistes who have become famous even while writing and performing primarily for their own people. Perhaps the reason behind this success is because the Nigerian culture possesses certain unique traits which are seldom present in other cultures of the world event the African continent.

The Nigerian culture draws greatly from a system of myths and religious beliefs on which every endeavor of each individual depend. A most important trait of the Nigerian culture is its inclination towards entertainment which is responsible for the presence of various festivals, ceremonies and artistic events which are designed with a mind of recreation and rejuvenation. These festivals and ceremonies are structurally ritualistic in nature but have been intrinsically infused with artistic traits in order to provide an interesting package and make it a desirable event to attend since these festivals and ceremonies usually come up at specified periods of rests. The activities performed at these festivals include music, dance, mime, acrobatic display, wrestling, chants, tec and these activities have greatly influenced contemporary theatrical performance in modern Nigeria right from stage to street and finally to the electronic media such as radio/television drama and film/home videos hence film/ home video artistes such as Tunde Kelani have been observed to draw greatly from these cultural materials for their works.

There has been a constant rethinking on or reappraisal of the relationship of the artist to the society since the beginning of art. He describes the artist in the society as an individual who sees his role as that of the sustainer of the community and his institutions thereby drawing the bulk of his inspiration from the society within which he dwells. Perhaps the statement above is a graphic presentation of Tunde Kelani as a film maker as a carefull observation of his works will reveal a very deep and insightful...
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