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Sample Syllabus for English 102
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English 102: Composition II

Catalog Description

Composition II:  Analytic and Persuasive Writing

Prerequisite:  ENGL 101 or equivalent. Continuing to practice the rhetorical skills introduced in ENGL 101, students will analyze, interpret, and synthesize diverse texts in order to construct a well-supported, researched, academic argument. Graded A,B,C/NC.

Course Description

English 102 focuses on the conventions of academic writing, and the purpose of this course is to help students write convincing, well developed, and well organized essays that synthesize, document, and respond to various sources on a given topic.

Class Theme: Our theme for this quarter is Myth America. Within this unifying theme, we will be exploring identity formation, examining in particular the role played by myth and fairy tales. We will look at some of the ways in which myths and fairy tales, both traditional ones and their modern counter-parts in popular culture, shape, reflect, and sustain our ideas about who we are, and we will also consider how our obedience to various kinds of authority helps us construct a sense of self. In addition to the readings in our text, we will analyze depictions in film, advertising, and various other media to see how myth and fairy tales can be used to reveal social and psychological phenomena, and we will also explore how and why we are often obedient to these media images.

Learning Objectives

Students will

• develop an ability to write about problems from historical, philosophical, rhetorical and/or cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives;

• engage in group discussions and activities to develop critical perspectives, a clear sense of audience, and a fluent and effective style;

• plan, write, and revise three to four formal essays approximately 4-6 pages in length, at least one of which will involve research and the integration of multiple sources. Essays will include analytic, interpretive, and persuasive strategies to present and support a considered position;

• continue to develop critical attitudes toward culture and media;

• evaluate the relevance, validity and authority of information, and use and cite this information ethically.


The English Department attendance policy states that any student who misses more than 20% of class meetings or does not complete 80% of classwork will not be permitted to take the final exam or submit a portfolio. Since so much of the content of this class is dependent on our work in the class, regular attendance is vitally important to your success in the course and to your development as a writer. There is no way to “make up” what is missed if you are not here. Arriving more than 20 minutes late (or leaving 20 minutes early) is counted as an absence. If you must miss class for any reason, please call to let me know. Note: You must attend the first two class meetings if you wish to retain your place in the class.

Individual conferences are an important element of a writing class, so I require that you come to see me during office hours at least once during the quarter to go over your papers and discuss any questions you might have about your own writing. Conferences are especially crucial if you are not doing as well in the class as you would like. If you can’t come during office hours, let me know and we can arrange to meet at another time. Failure to meet this requirement is treated as an absence.

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