Style and Themes of James Joyce

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  • Published: March 25, 2001
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Brian Besmer

Mr. Anselmo

English IV


Styles of James Joyce

I will be discussing the styles of James Joyce and how his life

experiences, his surroundings, and himself affected his writings this area.

James Joyce is an extremely versatile author. He has written books

that were entire collections of short stories such as Dubliners and long novels

such as Ulysses. Much of Joyce's life contributed to his writings and he has

been influence by many people and events. Joyce grew up in Ireland and

then moved to England where he began his writing. He wrote for England but

was Irish at heart and this will be shown in his writings.

Many things influenced Joyce's writings, from other authors, to his life

experiences. Joyce used other books as a platform for his own books. A

major example of this is Joyce's book Ulysses, which he based almost

entirely off of Homer's Odyssey (Garvin 15). Joyce was fascinated with

Homer's Odyssey and based several of his books on it other then Ulysses.

Not even so much basing his books off of the Odyssey but also restating

many of the events shown and ideas expressed in his books. Joyce

researched the Odyssey thoroughly and analyzing everything done by Homer,

and used it to build Ulysses. Joyce saw the Odyssey as the solution to many

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of his problems in his life. The Odyssey was the foundation of Ulysses and a

lot of the views that were expressed in the Odyssey were expressed again in

Ulysses. Joyce wanted to show people of his time what was going on and

what should be done and he felt this was shown well in the Odyssey. The two

books were so alike that even most of the chapters in the Odyssey

correspond with the episodes in Ulysses in almost exact chronological order

(Ellmann 115). The only difference is that the Odyssey has twenty-four

chapters while Ulysses has eighteen...
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