Style and Ethos of Helmut Newton: 20th Century's Most Influential Photographers

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  • Published : March 10, 2012
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Referring to these images discuss briefly what visual strategies unify these four images in approx 350 words. Visual strategies are aspects such as compositional elements (i.e. perspective, camera position), use of light and use of colour, themes of the work. Ask questions such as what similarities do these photographs have and how does the photographer achieve this both technically and conceptually. 3. Include a Bibliography (Use a referencing system your familiar with).

Here are four images which typify the style and ethos of Helmut Newton, arguably one of the 20th century's most influential photographers.

These images are immediately understood as manufactured or made environments there is nothing natural about them. they are highly and intentionally stylised.

lighting is very affected in most of these images shown although Newton was well known for removing models from the studio and in to unexpected locations to find a natural light that he wanted.

In these images layers of emotion and reading are added by the dramatic tension produced by the lighting states

undeniable and inherent beauty in line and curve which is intensified by side and strong lighting

These shots are all black and white as much of Newton's photographic output was. There is an element of high drama that is maintained in his use of black and white that when exchanged for a colour image could be argued is an exchange for domesticity

The images are drenched in feminine anxieties and phyicalities Much debate still continues in feminist critical theory about these images and their relationship It is my feeling as I look at these images that they are a celebration of the female form showing strength vulnerability and

There is space for many narratives to occur here especially with the images that have been removed from the white studio context. Stories of place, time and history emerge although there is an ambiguity that allows each viewer his or her own reading or idea...
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