Style Analysis on Walt Whitman

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Poet Walt Whitman was born in Westhills, Long Island, May 31, 1819. Walt Whitman lived in Brooklyn as a child, his childhood was unfortunately unhappy and boring. He finished education at the age of eleven, he then found a job for extra income. As a poet he was not afraid to write about anyone or thing. In the poems “O Captain! My Captain!” and “To You” Walt Whitman uses punchuation and writing about dramatic things to get his points about life across. I think this makes him a good poet because with no one telling what he can and can’t write he can write something amazing. I think that is a luxury that many poets sadly cannot afford. In the poem “O Captain! My Captain!” The title at first made me think that a mate is telling his captain someone is attacking. After reading it the main idea is the mate telling the captain how their home alive and they have riches, but the captain is dead. One phrase that means something beyond its literal meaning is O Captain! My Captain. This phrase might mean he might not be on a ship but maybe in the army. The author is saying in that poem no matter what you or do you cannot bring someone back. Another one of Walt Whitman's poems is called "To You." From the title I thought that the poem was about him writing someone. He was actually mad at someone for looking at him and not saying anything. I think the poet's attitude in this poem is annoyed or angry. After reading the poem the title now means that if you're going to talk to me do it. The theme of this poem is not to be afraid just be brave. In conclusion Walt Whitman is a daring poet. In two ways, one he is not afraid to talk about anyone or thing. Two he uses dramatic thing like death, and a confrontation to get his points across. Also he uses phrases or words that have deep literal meaning to make the think and learn.
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