Stupid White Men

Topics: White people, Black people, Emotion Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: March 5, 2008
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The expository text Stupid White Men (Michael Moore, 2002) uses emotive descriptions to manipulate readers to accept certain values and beliefs. Moore uses characterization, positioning readers to view certain people and groups negatively, and others positively. Characters are developed through the use of persuasive elements of construction in descriptions; this includes the types of information presented, persuasive language, structure, sarcasm and irony.

Michael Moore uses statistics and other facts as evidence for the opinions he provides; this positions readers to accept his opinions as facts. "The $250 billion the Pentagon plans to spend to build 2800 new Joint Strike Fighter planes is more than enough to pay the tuition of every college student in America" (pg170). This fact is used as evidence by Moore to prove his opinion, that the Bush administration is ignoring the education system and mis-using government revenue, is correct. The strong use of statistics and facts in the descriptions of issues positions readers to agree with the views promoted; as they are given credibility to make them more than just an opinion.

Anecdotes are used in a similar way to statistics; they provide proof for Moore's opinions, while positioning readers to relate to Moore and sympathize with him. "When I was done I rushed out of the building because I did not want these people to see me cry…" (pg xvi). This extract is just one example from the introduction of the text which shows the use of an anecdote to emotionally manipulate readers to feel sympathy for Moore. The entire introduction is an anecdote about Moore's struggle to publish the book, the problems which Moore faced and his unwillingness to give up, positions readers to view him as a victim and agree with his views because of the sympathy they are positioned to feel for him. The use of anecdotes in descriptions promotes social activism; emotionally...
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