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Topics: United States, Thought, Vietnamese people Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Diversity is what makes America unique because with diversity comes a broad spectrum of ideas and talents. Nevertheless, diversity is a trait one is given by birth and, not obtained. College is where our unique talents are strengthened and ideas explored for the benefit of our nation. What makes me unique from the majority of Americans is my ethnicity, my experiences in life, and my motivation to succeed. Growing up in the United States, my parents would often talk about how difficult life was in Viet Nam and how fortunate I was to be born in this country. I did not understand what my parent’s were explaining until years after our first conversation. I am a first generation Vietnamese American and that is one aspect of who I am that makes me unique. I take pride in my dedication to work in the classroom and outside. My work ethic developed out of my understanding of how fortunate Americans are. Not many people have witnessed what poverty is first- hand but I have. On a recent trip to Viet Nam, I saw people struggle just to make a few cents; I saw people sleeping on the streets, and I saw little children working instead of getting an education. This experience has forever changed my perspective in life. With different viewpoints, students from diverse cultures can come and work together, so our nation remains strong and continues to develop, as well as define itself.

Diversity is what makes our country unique; diversity in the United States has brought not only people together but has also brought a world of ideas, beliefs, and cultures. With diverse ideas, we can get engaged in a dialogue with many view points and come up with solutions for solving problems across the world. Diversity on a college campus makes students more aware of what the world is truly like and motivates students to think critically and in ways they haven’t thought before arriving at college. Across the United States students area able to meet others from different culture and backgrounds....
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