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BBA Programme under Nagaland University:

The Rules and Regulation relating to the duration of the Course, Internal assessment, marks distributions for both internal and end term Examination, Evaluation and Declaration of the Results will be the same as per the guidelines provided by Nagaland University. BBA will not have a pass course or honours course seperately. It is a treated as a kind of semi-professional course which can be considered as honour course equivalent. All the papers mention below will be of 100 marks (Internal 30: End term: 70) and for the Comprehensive Viva voce will be 100 marks and there is no internal.

However, it is suggested that the end term Question pattern should in the following manner for all the papers: Section A: Objective Question: 8 Marks (8 questions from all units to be covered) 8 Qsx1 mark Section A: Short Answer Question: 20 Marks (questions from all unit to be included) 4 Qs x5 mark Section C: Descriptive Question: 42 marks (Questions from all units to be included) 3 QsX 14 marks

Semester I
BBA 101: General English- I
BBA 102: Business Environment
BBA 103: Computer Applications in Business
BBA 104: Financial Accounting
BBA 105: Principles of Management.
Semester II
BBA 201: General English-II
BBA 202: Business Economics
BBA 203: Organisational Behaviour.
BBA 204: Quantitative Techniques-I
BBA 205: Business Communication
Semester III
BBA 301: Quantitative Techniques-II
BBA 302: Human Resource Management
BBA 303: Marketing Management
BBA 304: Financial Management
BBA 305: Production Management
Semester IV
BBA 401: Environmental Studies
BBA 402: Cost & Management Accounting
BBA 403: Business Law
BBM 404: Specialisation (Marketing Management)
BBF 404: Specialisation (Financial Management)
BBH 404: Specialisation (Human Resource Management)
Semester V
BBA 501: Entrepreneurship Development (CBCS)
BBA 502: Research Methodology
BBA 503: Company Organisation
BBA 504: Business Policy and Strategic Management
BBM 505: Specialisation (Marketing Management)
BBF 505: Specialisation (Financial Management)
BBH 505: Specialisation (Human Resource Management)
Semester VI
BBA 601: Management Information System
BBA 602: Office Management
BBM 603: Specialisation (Marketing Management)
BBF 603: Specialisation (Financial Management)
BBH 603: Specialisation (Human Resource Management)
BBA 604: Project Work
BBA 605: Comprehensive Viva Voce

Specialisation papers
Marketing Management
BBM 404: Customer Relation Management
BBM 505: Advertising Management
BBM 603: Retail Marketing

Banking &Financial Management
BBF 404: Banking and Insurance
BBF 505: Financial Institutions and Markets
BBF 603: Corporate Tax Planning and Tax Management

Human Resource Management
BBH 404: Industrial Relation
BBH 505: Human Resource Development
BBH 603: Social Security and Labour Welfare

Note: The detailed syllabus is as follows:


BBA 101: General English-I (Same as with B.Sc Syllabus-English Department to give)

BBA 102: Business Environment
The basic objective of this course is to familiarize the students with the nature and dimensions of evolving business environment in India to influence managerial decisions.

Unit I: An Overview of Business Environment:
Type of Environment-Internal, External, Micro and Macro Environment, Competitive Structure of Industries, Environmental Analysis and Strategic Management, Managing Diversity, Scope of Business, Characteristics of Business, Objectives and the Uses of Study, Process and Limitations of Environmental Analysis.

Unit II: Indian Business Environment:
Concept, components and importance. Economic Trends : Income; Savings and investment; Industry; Trade and Balance of Payments, Money ; Finance ; Prices. Problems of Growth: Unemployment; Poverty; Regional imbalances; Social injustice; Inflation, Parallel economy; Industrial sickness.

Unit III: Role of Government:
Monetary and...
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