Studying a Language in a Country Where It Is Widely Spoken Has Many Advantages. It Is, Therefore, a Good Idea to Study English in a Country Such as Australia. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree with This Statement

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It is indisputably true that studying a language is an important issue at the present time. Some people think that we can get innumerable benefits when we study a broadly spoken language in its host country. Accordingly, learning English in a country, namely Australia, is a brilliant idea. Personally, I totally agree with this opinion. Nevertheless, I am aware that not everyone thinks the same. First of all, there are many language institutions which are full of standard and high quality. Those normally offer a variety of English courses so that students can choose the course that is suitable for their skills. In addition, learners will get lots of useful knowledge directly from native English speakers who have proficient language teaching ability. Students will also have a chance to gain some specific techniques which teachers, who do not use English as their main language, may not even know. As a consequence, students will truly understand English and are likely to practice their language skills efficiently, including, speaking, listening, writing and reading. To continue with a further idea, one who studies overseas has to deal with English every day in order to communicate with their friends, order their lunch, study in their classrooms and buy goods. Forced to utilize English practically by environmental and social factors, learners, hence, tend to use English confidently and fluently. Another important point is that by living abroad, students will get an opportunity to meet many people in a new society. As a result, they will not only experience multicultures from international friends but also learn to adapt themselves with those differences decently. All things taken into consideration, I am still strongly convinced that people gain incalculable advantages from learning a language in a country where it is used prevalently due to many choices of qualified language institutions, a massive opportunity for everyday language usage and multicultural...
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