Studying the Consumer Buying Behaviour for Laptop

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Research on Laptop Buying behavior of students in SIC|
Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for Research Methodology 2008-2010| s|


Table of Contents

Executive Summary3
Background (Including Scope)3
Research Methodology3
Primary Research Objective3
Secondary Research Objectives3
Exploratory Research Findings4
Research Methodology4
Data Collection Method4
Analytical Techniques4
Time Schedule4
Preliminary Decisions5
Questionnaire Design7
Analysis and Output Sheets-Crosstabs10
Major Findings27

Executive Summary

This report is a detailed analysis of the laptop buying behaviour of students in Symbiosis InfoTech Campus, Hinjewadi Pune. There are multiple laptop brands making their foray into the market, offering varied configurations, prices, features and deals. The report examines these key local trends, with an emphasis on providing quality primary research data, obtained directly from the students of SIC Campus. It provides analysis of the brands and features available in the market and the factors that are taken into account before making a purchase decision. Through administration of direct, personal and structured interview and measurement techniques like semantic differential, constant sum and multiple choice check lists, a questionnaire seeking responses on seventeen questions was distributed to students to seek their choices and factors that they consider before buying a laptop. Subsequently, the data collected was analyzed using cross tabulation and frequency tables and pie charts Background (Including Scope)

The scope of the study is to find out the buying behaviour of young students who are going to or have already purchased a laptop, thereby assessing what went were the thoughts and parameters that were considered before the purchase. A number of questions arise ranging from how important is the configuration , what is the preferred colour, weight, which brand to buy, what would be the performance and how is the service rated etc were asked to determine the choice. The scope of the research covers the top selling national brands and their performance and their preferences among the students. It contains the importance that the students associate to the various factors that affect their choice of laptop. Research Methodology

The study methodology involves use of extensive secondary data through questionnaires, interviews and internet. An open ended questionnaire with 7 questions was distributed first among limited respondents to gauge the type of responses and direction of the respondents to the sample questions and the PRO in general. Based on the results generated, a preliminary questionnaire was developed. The questionnaire prepared was then circulated among the students of SIC campus for the responses Primary Research Objective

To determine the laptop buying behaviour of students of Symbiosis InfoTech Campus (SIC) Secondary Research Objectives

* To determine the effect of price on the choice of laptop. * To determine how configuration specifications of laptop affects the selection of the laptop. * To determine the importance given to physical features of the laptop during selection. * To determine how the customer service given by the laptop provider affects the buying behaviour. * To determine how the supplementary features of the laptop affects the choice of the laptop. * To determine the effect of brand preference on the choice of laptop. * To determine how other intangible benefits perceived by the buyer affects the selection of the laptop. Exploratory Research Findings

From the exploratory research we got the following information from the respondents 1) The different brands that the respondent considers before buying. 2) The parameters that are being evaluated for ex. price, brand, service, looks etc...
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