Studying in Italy vs Studying in the Us.

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Studying in Italy VS studying in the US.

Do you know that universities in Italy don’t offer any athletic program? You know that Italian student can’t live on campus? looks wired? Still, it’s the way it works there. This are not the only ways in which Italian university differ from the American one. In fact, even if they have the same final goal (a graduate degree), the two patterns of studies are characterized by own features, sometimes opposites. One of the main differences between Italian and American universities is the way they take care of the cultural background of the students in attendance. While American universities have some mandatory credits for subjects not directly connected with your major, students in attendance at Italian school are supposed to already have a strong cultural level, and the degree plan start with very specific subjects from the very first semester. Another big difference lies in the method of examination. While in Italy oral examination and essay writing are the most used kind of tests, in the US multiple-choice and filling the blank tests are more common. Finally, the best Italian universities are public, while the top American institutes are private. As private institutes, the technological level and the efficiency of the service provided are higher than the Italian ones, but on the other hand the price of the tuition is significantly higher, even in less prestigious schools. As you can see, studying in the US and studying in Italy are completely different, due to the accommodation, level of specialization of the studies, examination methods, and last (but not least!) price. As anticipated, Italian people attending universities can’t live on campus. students have to arrange their accommodation and meals by themselves. This is a big issue, and nowadays thousands of young people are facing the problem of finding a cheap room near the universities. It is not so easy, because most of the schools are located in the...
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