Studying Abroad

Topics: Australia Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Studying abroad wasn’t an original plan of mine. The fear of adapting to a new environment and starting over a new life scared me and my decision was to stay back where all my friends and family would be there with me. My dad would never agreed with me. The safety in Malaysia is not guaranteed and studying abroad was always the brighter choice as my siblings had their foundation course in Australia too. Thinking back about the thoughts I had, I grinned at them. Somehow, I am beginning to enjoy my stay here and looking forward to more upcoming events.

Education system in Australia was far from the ‘style’ in Malaysia. Back in Malaysia, English isn’t widely used in class and during communication. My schedule were always fully packed by school activities and tuition classes. Dashing from a tuition center to another was my daily routine. After those stressful classes, I could finally take a deep breath and return to my overloaded piles of homework. As the education in Malaysia is more examination-orientated, the competition in studies is higher and children are trained to be more competitive. Receiving academic result was always full of pressure because of the high expectations from parents and teachers. These are the reasons why I had a hard time coping with studies in Malaysia. On the contrary, in Australia, I enjoyed being the only student in class because there’s less noise distraction and more attention paid on studies. Being the shy student in class, I had problems with speaking out or asking questions on studies. But now, I am much more comfortable with my studies which is more relaxing and something that I’m interested in.

The word ‘multicultural’ was learnt during Australian Studies class, this brought me to the thought of the difference between Malaysia culture and Australia culture. Although Malaysia was also known as a ‘multicultural’ country, Australia is more ‘globalized’ and have more migrants from every part of the world while Malaysia have...
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