Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad

Studying abroad is to go to study out of your home or your country. And that means you leave your family and your friends, in order to get some knowledge from different country. Studying abroad has advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages of this experience are more than the disadvantages. Studying abroad is good, because it gives you the opportunity to learn new language and to get new knowledge.

Learning new language is something common in the world, and to be successful person in many fields, you should learn another language than your native language. By learning new language, you are able to know more about other cultures, travel to many countries, and many companies will ask you to work with them. Also, learning new language is something hard, and you should work hard to learn it. To be successful in this language, you should read and listen in that language a lot, and that will help you to improve your writing and speaking skills. In my country, if you have studied abroad, that mean you are responsible person, and you have worked hard until you learned this language. So, you will have the opportunity to get a job easily than other whom doesn’t speak another language. You left your family and your friends to learn new language that help your carrier and makes you knowledgeable person.

In Saudi Arabia, we have many universities in high-level of education, and millions of students are studying there. So, the government decided to finance a big number of students who are studying abroad. The government finances us for many reasons, but I’m sure they finance us to let us focus on our study without thinking about your tuition. Also, they want us to come back to Saudi Arabia after we graduate to help our country development by the knowledge that we get it from here. The students going to make a knowledge revolution, and your country will be one of the best countries. If you study abroad, you have the opportunity to get a gob as...
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