Studying Abroad

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Does studying abroad always give more opportunities for international students? I strongly think studying abroad presents more disadvantages to international students than advantages. Even though some people believe that studying in another country gives international students unique experiences and opportunities that they may not find in their own country, I do not support this opinion. While I was in Australia for two years, I experienced culture shock and suffered from homesickness. In addition, I had to go through various hardships and cope with many difficult situations for myself. An Australian study reports that language, tuition cost, and feelings of isolation ranked the highest among problems faced by international students (qtd. in Lee and Rice 387). It is not a surprise to say that most international students suffer from all sorts of hardships in other countries. As I am an international student in the U.S., I think there are many problems faced by those who choose to study abroad, including the language difficulties, a strain on personal relationship, and adjusting to local culture and traditions.

The first problem that foreign students encounter is the language barrier. This is particularly evident in countries wherein English is the primary language. According to Professors Wilton and Constantine, “Because of language and cultural factors, Latin American and Asian students have greater levels of stress than other international students in the U.S.” (qtd. in Lee and Rice 385). A foreign student will expectedly have a weak command of the national language. This will impede communicating in class, as well as building social relationships. In addition, some instructors might not have enough consideration for international students; therefore, they might give insufficient explanations to foreign students. This will surely hinder the understanding of the student regarding important class lectures. Moreover, Professors Erichsen and Bolliger explained...
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