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Draft Case Study: Primark for Edexcel Extended Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership January 2013.

Some Basic Facts:

The Beginning:
In June 1969, the first Penney’s store opened in Mary Street, Dublin. Within a year, four more stores were added – all in the Greater Dublin area.

In 1971, the first large store outside Dublin was opened in Cork and by the end of that year there were 11 more stores in Ireland and one in Northern Ireland.

Move into Great Britain:
By 1973, the number of stores had reached 18 in Ireland and Primark began trading in Great Britain with four out – of – town stores. The following year saw the opening of the first UK High Street stores in Derby and Bristol. In the next ten years 18 stores were added in the UK and 9 in Ireland, bringing the number of stores in the UK and Ireland to 22 each. Also in 1984, the first multiple acquisition took place with the purchase of 5 Woolworth stores.

Further Expansion:
From 1984 to 1994 a further 13 stores were added in the UK and 12 in Ireland bringing the total to 66 stores – 32 in the UK and 34 in Ireland. A major flagship store was purchased in 1992 – a 50,000sq. ft. unit in O’Connell Street, Dublin as BHS moved out of Ireland.

1995 was a landmark year in the development of the UK business with the acquisition of the BHS One – Up discount chain. As a result 16 stores were added to the UK portfolio mostly located in the Greater London area. All were of a significant size. The next major development occurred with the acquisition of 11 stores mainly from the Co-operative organisation including the Reading site. The Reading property after much refurbishment also included the much needed relocation of the UK buying offices.

The year 2000 saw the demise of C & A and their removal from the UK market. Primark acquired 11 of their stores bringing store numbers to 108 (75 in UK, 33 in Ireland). October 2001 a 75, opened in Manchester and conversion of 25,000sq.ft. of former stock room space increased the sales area of the store to 100,000sq.ft.

More flagship stores and acquisitions:
2001 saw a 40,000sq.ft. store open in Blanchardstown, Dublin. At the end of the year the number of stores had grown to 109 (75 UK, 34 Ireland). In 2002 two major stores opened in Glasgow and Birmingham.

2004 – 2005 14 new stores opened adding 400,000plus sq. ft. of retail space. Also in 2005 6 stores were acquired from Allders 3 of which opened as Primark stores in 2006. July 2005 ABF plc purchased Littlewoods stores comprising an estate of 120 premises. 41 stores were transferred to Primark. A major programme of re-fitting these stores was carried out before their re-opening as Primark units.

Expansion into Spain:

In May 2006 they opened their first store in Spain in Plenilunio (Madrid), followed by a second store in Murcia in September. Thursday 5th April 2007 a 70,000 sq. ft. unit opened in Oxford Street, London. In the same year there were store openings in Liverpool and Spain...
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