Study Skills: Time Management for the the Adult Learner

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Time Management for the Adult Learner
Students often have found themselves having plenty of time to get their homework done but, instead they wait till the last minute to finish their assignment or homework? If so, by continuing to read this research paper, there are time management skills that are to be of assistance for any adult learner in future or current education endeavors. There are many suggestions about study skills for effective time management that will be further explained from continued reading. A few examples to show time management for the adult learner are setting a schedule; sticking to it, prioritizing assignments and using free time wisely.

First of all, in order to gain the most out of studying time and to improve study skills, it is of great importance to set a schedule and stick to it. Making a schedule is a good way to see what’s due, as well and when it’s due. Seven examples successful students take when studying can be found on a website addressed, Out of those seven, two examples that were relevant to schedules were, plan specific study times and start studying when planned. (Mangrum & Strichart, 1977). For example, writing down all assignments on a calendar or a daily planer makes it possible for all assignments to be seen. Also, it will be known how much time is allotted to have all assignments and homework done. This is also helpful because when life starts to get a little cluttered, a daily planner or calendar could set priorities straight and studying time can be put in its place; whether that’s in front or behind life’s many obstacles. In the book Study Skill Strategies it gave almost the same ideas about setting up study schedules. “Set up monthly and yearly calendars and schedules and, keep them where they’re clearly visible, keep them where you can work with them easily and change old habits and create new ones.” (Uelaine, 2009) It does not matter what students choose to use to write their schedule out,...
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