Study Skills and Time

Topics: Study skills, Management, Full-time Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: May 14, 2013
1. Study Habits
a. Time Management
b. Study Areas
2. Reading Habits
a. Comprehension
b. Distraction
Introductory Paragraph:
Working a full time job and going to college is a challenge to me and among other people that are in the same situation as I am. Nonetheless each challenge that comes my way makes me a better person and strive to pursue my goals in life, particularly having a college degree. To achieve my goal, I set a plan on my studying and how to better manage my time with work and school. My Study habits consists of managing my time and having a specific location on where to study. In order to learn the objective of this class and each assignment that is given to me, I study and read each chapter to improve, learn and understand the purpose of each assignment. Every chance I get while at work, I try to read my books. At home, I make sure that I am well rested and alone when studying because I can concentrate and be more focused on what I’m studying for. One of my favorite things to do is reading. But comprehending what I’m reading sometimes is quite a bit of a challenged especially when there is too many distraction around me. To better understand what I’m reading, I sometimes read a sentence or the chapter more than once. I particularly like reading at night in my bedroom before going to sleep because this is the time when my mind is relaxed and there is no distractions.
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