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Topics: Learning, Critical thinking, Education Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Understanding and Developing Study Skills and Learning Methods

Universities have adopted a teaching technique that means students are required to allocate study time to independent learning, this allows students to develop their existing study skills and learning techniques. Learning and studying is subjective, therefore individual techniques will differ significantly to fit in with students unique learning styles. When considering study skills and learning methods it is critical that certain aspects are taken into consideration; the time that is available and the way in which the information is best retained (Cottrell 2008.) This essay will begin by looking at the different studying techniques. It will then go on to focus on both critical thinking and time management and the different methods that can be followed within each category.

Study skills are the strategies that are used to retain the information (Andrea Kosling 2004.) Whereas learning methods are the way in which people process and understand the information, and they are generally centred around reading and writing (Overview of Learning Styles 2013.) Universities encourage each of their students to use these skills and adapt them to benefit that individual. Note taking within secondary schools differs to that in higher education. This is because within a university the lecture is teaching a large class and cannot give individual attention to each student. Therefore, each learner quickly develops their own note taking methods which allows the selective key points to be obtained. Note taking from text books is the same and can be linked in with academic reading as the way information is retained differs with each student. Some students may prefer to read a whole chapter and then summarise their findings, whereas others may prefer to read each chapter in small sections and then summarise the information (Cottrell 2008.) However, students must be careful when writing using their notes to construct...
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