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Drawing on literature, explain the ways in which study skills are important to students successfully completing a course of study?

Study skills are often a very overlooked aspect of an academic career, and students rarely realize how such basic skills can drastically improve results. According to I. McIntosh (2005) By following a set of simple study skills a student’s time at university can be free of stress and more rewarding. Time management is a skill that helps students plan out their time and balance out workloads. Preparation and reflection is a key skill for keeping up with work and being able to improve after assessments. Another valued study skill is research and reading; this enables students to come by useful and reliable information. Additionally to be able to transfer this information into academic work is a vital skill. Finally a student’s ability to take what he or she has learned and display this knowledge in an exam setting is a study skill necessary for achieving in university. This simple set of skills can drastically improve grades and make time at university thoroughly more enjoyable.

Time management is essential to becoming a more efficient and well-rounded student. According to I. McIntosh (2005) time management allows students to organize their time in a way that suits their personal schedules, this is a central point. A university experience can be very busy one with societies, sports teams and social life. The ability to manage out time to ensure that your class work is completed is absolutely vital to the successful completion of a course. Not only is time management a valuable tool for a university experience it is valued in the working world by employers. A very effective way of organizing time is the use of a planner or agenda. A planner can help a student plan out their days, fitting in time for all of their extra curricular activities and staying on top of all course work....
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