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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Study skills are the key to success in the academic
world. They are useful tools/techniques to help the
learners appreciate the goal towards achieving
their dreams.
• The importance of good study skills:
Make learning more efficient and rewarding.
Equip one with learning skills that last a life time.
Make reading/learning more enjoyable and stress
Mould one into a confident and competent learner.
• Strategies for successful study
The following strategies may help improve the way
to study ;
• Listening
Is an essential skill for good note taking
• Note taking
Develop short hand writing skill/ use acronyms
Identify main points
Carry out own research
• Pre-reading
Try to prepare for each lecture by pre-reading the
material in text/note book
• Attend all classes
This has benefits such as;
Offering learners an opportunity to ask questions
about difficult materials
Giving students an opportunity to express opinion,
understand, and to test ideas
Getting more insight into the discussed issue/topic
• Time Management
Plan your schedule in advance
Do the most difficult work during hours when you
feel best
• Concentration
Have adequate sleep and eat nutritious food
Develop a regular exercise routine
• A study timetable
Develop a study timetable which shows a list of all
Assign time according to the context
Stick to the timetable as much as possible.
• Choose a conducive study place
Avoid a study area with distractions.
Choose a spot, which is well lit and well ventilated.
• Tips for improving your memorization
Try acronyms
Example: the acronym CON can help you
remember the three major fossil fuels (Coal, Oil,
Natural gas)
Invent acrostics, that is;
Develop sentences that will help you remember information . Example “Peter ate ink” can help you recall the names of the three largest oceans (Pacific, Atlantic
and Indian)...
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