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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Section 2 Study Questions (18.0 points)
Answer each question fully. Complete sentences are not necessary, but some questions may require more than one sentence to answer them fully.  
Lesson 1 (4.0 points)
1. What is the best method for touch typing using a QWERTY keyboard? (1.0 points)home row method.  
2. Which two keys can delete text when they're pressed? (1.0 points)Backspace and delete.  
3. What are at least two things you can do to improve your keyboarding skills? (2.0 points)Practice frequently, and make sure your fingers type the right keys they're assigned to.  
Lesson 2 (5.0 points)
1. What is freeware? (1.0 points)A software that you don't have to pay to use.  
2. Writer is what type of software program? (1.0 points)Open Office  
3. Where does a file extension appear? (1.0 points)At the end of the file name.  
4. What is the file extension of a Writer file? (1.0 points)odt.  
5. On an envelope, where should you put the return address? (1.0 points)Upper left corner.  
Lesson 3 (5.0 points)
1. If you are sending a cover letter, who are you probably sending it to? (1.0 points)To an employer who is applying for a job.  
2. List two websites where are job postings can be found. (1.0 points)Craigslist and Monster.  
3. What is an internship? (1.0 points)A temporary job that helps you gain workplace skills and see what working at a particular company is like.  
4. What are the four parts of a cover letter? (1.0 points)Heading, introduction, body, and closing.  
5. What type of spacing should a cover letter use? (1.0 points)single spacing  
Lesson 4 (4.0 points)
1. What is proofreading? (1.0 points)
2. When checking punctuation, what are two things to check for? (1.0 points)making sure your writing is clear and professional and checking for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation  
3. When checking capitalization, what is one of the things to check for? (1.0 points)Make sure proper nouns and and the word I is...
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