Study Question 7 Personal Finance

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Section 7 Study Questions (9.0 points)

Answer each question fully. Complete sentences are not necessary.

Lesson 1 (3.0 points)

1. What is a lifestyle? (0.5 points)

- is a way of living that shows the beliefs and opinions of a person or group of people.

2. What is the process of earning your income sometimes called? (0.5 points)

- earning a living

3. Name at least two industries. (1.0 points)

- extractive industry
- primary industry
- manufacturing industry or secondary industry
- service industry or tertiary industry
- quaternary industry
- nonprofit industry or non-government organizations or NGOs

4. What is an internship? (0.5 points)

- is a temporary job that helps you gain workplace skills and see what working at a particular company is like.

5. What is a career aptitude test? (0.5 points)

- is an exam that asks questions about activities you enjoy, skills you have, tasks you dislike, and many other things.

Lesson 2 (3.0 points)

1. What are classifieds? (0.5 points)

- where employers can post available jobs.

2. What is telecommuting? (0.5 points)

- is when an employee is allowed to work from a location other than the company's location. The employee usually gets to choose where they are physically located.

3. What information should a resume provide? (0.5 points)

- Contact information, Objective, Employment history, Education, Technical skills, Strengths (optional), Hobbies/interests (optional)

4. What is a cover letter? (0.5 points)

- s sometimes included with a resume. It is a short letter from the job applicant that gives additional information about their qualifications for and interest in the job. A cover letter is sometimes called a letter of application.

5. Name at least two finance careers. (1.0 points)

- financial planner
- financial analyst
- accountant
- risk manager
- cash manager
- treasurer
- chief financial officer...
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