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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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1、My background

My name is Fahrina Ulfah Eka Putri from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) , Surabaya, with major in Chemical Engineering. I was graduated in March 2008 . I learned about process and chemical or petrochemical product and how they be used. Meanwhile, i was working as Production Staff for Yayasan Pengembangan SDM IPTEK with scope of work in home industry detergent. This job teached me how to improve our product, know obout our product, and which market should this be spread out. From there, we know how to improve for more better product. I did also for an active speaker in detergent for home industry seminar. After a year working, i decided to work professionally in PT. McDermott Indonesisa, as Piping Production Engineer from August 2008 until April 2011. Here, many things I learned in different scope of work from my previous job. I learned about how fabrication and installation going through. Starts from providing materials needed for fabrication, which comply with material standard, specification from client, and comply also with the procedures and standard. From this job, i heightened my communication ability and english level. And also how to communicate with client to solve fabrication and installation problems. 2、Why Taiwan Graduate School

Taiwan is a developed country wih international well known university and many student from all over the world coming to Taiwan to study. This condition can help me meet talented people that i believe can broaden my horizon. Additional, I like the climate and environment of Taiwan. English is an international language, professional English would make me more confident and convenient. And Taiwan is a choice to study. Some friends who study in Taiwan recommended NCKU.
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