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Study Plan Pakistan Studies

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Study Plan Pakistan Studies

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  • Feb. 24, 2011
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Prepared by: Altaf Ahmed Sheikh - CSS - 2011
Composed by: Redmax!
Study Area – I: Evolution of Muslim Society in the Sub-Continent 2007 – Critically evaluate the contribution made by missionaries in the growth of Muslim society in the Sub-continent of Indo-Pak.
2006 – Describe the most notable feature of Muslims in India in the light of their monotheistic religion and egalitarian social structure.
2005 – Summarize the political scene of the sub continent at the opening of the eighteenth century.
2004 – Analyze the factors responsible for degeneration of Muslim society in 18th century? 2003 – Discuss the role and efforts of Muslim religions leaders for the establishment of Muslim Society in the Sub-Continent.

2002 – Briefly describe the evolution of Muslim society in the sub-continent. 2001 - Briefly describe the evolution of Muslim Society in the Subcontinent from 1206 onwards and analyze its downfall after the 17th century.

2000 - Give an account of the evolution of the Muslim society in the sub-continent from 1206 to 1526 A.D.
Area of Focus
Life in sub-continent before the arrival of Arabs Muslims.
Influx of Muslims from South, Sindh and North in the subcontinent Missionaries/Invaders/Rulers in the sub-continent & its vicinities  Four Sufi Silsila ( Suhrwardiya, Qadriya, Naqshbandya, Chisthiya ) Evolution of a Muslim Society & its dynamics

Downfall and Deformation of Muslim Society/Rule in Sub-continent & its factors. Study Area – III: Personalities and Reformist Movements
2010 - Aligarh and Deoband movements had great contrast in their views and mission and their leaders were at daggers drawn with each other. Discuss. 2010 – Shah Waliullah realized "The renaissance of Islam and Muslim Society can not be affected until the intellectual life of the Muslims is re-oriented." Discuss Critically. Prepared by: Altaf Ahmed Sheikh - CSS - 2011
Composed by: Redmax!
2009 –...
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