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Chemical Engineering and its importance

Chemical engineering has a number of applications in our day to day lives. This course is offered to students at the graduate and postgraduate levels. Upon the accomplishment of their studies, individuals can apply for jobs with firms of the private or public sector firms. Placement opportunities are available for aspirants within some of the prestigious Indian firms such as Reliance and Indian Oil etc. One can say that this sector is one of the many areas where one can get good jobs as well as other opportunities of the right type.

In this article we are going to discuss about the importance of chemical engineering as well as its numerous applications.

Importance of Chemical Engineering

Areas where chemical engineering is applicable in our day to day lives include:

Coal preparation and mineral processing
Explosives manufacturing
Fertilizer industry
Food processing
Glass and specialty chemicals
Steel and aluminum production

In addition to the above mentioned areas, chemical engineering also has applications in production of electronics, clothing, paper and photographic equipment etc.

The scope for individuals in the field of chemical engineering is bound to grow in time. This is mainly because of industrial growth as well as the related scarcity of the resources those are required. In future years, chemical engineers will be needed to develop synthetic replacement for those resources as well as materials that are low in supply. In overall, it can be said that chemical engineers will be able to make very crucial contributions to the improvement in addition to the maintenance of the quality of our lives.

Areas where one can apply his knowledge:

Although chemical engineering is relatively a new field, this field of engineering has shown a speedy expansion during the last few decades. This has in turn led to rise in importance of chemical engineering as well as the number of jobs.

Career opportunities for these professionals are available with R&D departments, especially in the field of energy as well in developing fields such as nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Chemical Plants
Petrochemical Plants
Petroleum Refining Plants
Mineral Based Industries
Electronics Industry
Photographic Equipment Units
Clothing Units
Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
Aircraft Industry

Some Job Types

Technical Specialist
Project Manager
Project Engineer
Environmental, Safety & Regulatory Manager
Quality Manager
Senior Process Engineer
Product Development Engineer
Fuel Meter Calibration Technician

In the government sector, chemical engineers can find jobs in areas where solutions for environmental problems like recycling, water treatment and others are needed. They can also get work with departments of energy conservation as well as with defense establishments.

Sir William Wakeham on the Importance of Chemical Engineering Sep. 06, 2011
Sir William Wakeham, President, IChemE
Sir William Wakeham, President, IChemE more
Sir William Wakeham, President, IChemE From Reliance Industries’ Mukesh Ambani to stand-up comedian and perpetual watermelon smasher ...

A Wide Range - From Reliance Industries' Mukesh Ambani and SABIC's Mohammed al-Mady to stand-up comedian and perpetual watermelon smasher Gallagher, chemical engineers can be found in almost every walk of life. (And if you have never heard of Gallagher, you can replace him with Dolph Lundgren, who forewent a career in chemical engineering when he found success as Ivan Drago in the movie Rocky IV).

These days, chemical engineering is as diverse as the people who study it, covering areas from biotechnology to mineral processing, and its significance for the chemical industry is now more important than ever....
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