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Appendix C

University Resources: Week Eight Study Plan

How will I approach the content of Week Eight?| In order to prepare for week 8 I am going to make sure that I have a schedule set up so I can make sure I have plenty of time to complete all the work I will have for week 8. I know that the class is almost over and these last two weeks are very important in deciding what my final grade will be. I am going to set aside an hour each day for extra study time so that I can make sure I am able to answer all the DQ’s and participation posts. Because my work schedule may change during the week I have to make sure I am able to make time for work and school. | Examples| |

What will I do before the week begins?| |
How will I organize my week?| |
How much time will I set aside for this week's content?| | | |
How will I study the content of Week Eight?| In order to study the content I am going to use the tools like mind maps and creating outlines of the chapter. The techniques play to my strengths because I am primarily a visual learner. I have a great little home office that allows me to study with peace and quiet which helps me concentrate and avoid any type of distractions. I recently installed a new ceiling fan that has adjustable lights so that I can adjust the brightness. I like a dimly lit office so there is little strain on my eyes. Having a good study spot and good study techniques will help me to concentrate and get the most out of my study time. | Examples| |

How does my learning style fit in here?| |
What will help me concentrate better?| |
What will my study environment look like?| |
| |
How will I remember the content of Week Eight?| The best way I have found to help me remember the content is to reread the material several times so that it is burned into my memory. If there are any things that I can use mnemonics on I will create an acronym that will help me remember the information....

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