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Topics: Education in the People's Republic of China, People's Republic of China, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China Pages: 4 (1501 words) Published: March 8, 2011
中国国家留学基金管理委员会 CHINA SCHOLARSHIP COUNCIL 中国 北京车公庄大街 9 号 A3-13 100044 No.9 A3-13 chegongzhuang Street, Beijing P.R.China100044, Tel: 0086-10-66093900 E-mail: Fax:0086-10-66093915 Http://

CSC NO. 派遣途径: 经费办法: 学生类别: 学习专业:

安排院校:1. 2. 3. (The above table is only for CSC)

中 国 政 府 奖 学 金 申 请 表
请申请人认真阅读本表第四页的填表说明。请用中文或英文填写此表格。请用电脑打印或用蓝色或黑色钢笔认真书写表格内容。请 在所选项框内划‘X’表示。不按规定填写的表格将视作无效。 Please read carefully the important notes on the last page before filling out the form. Please complete the form in Chinese or English. If the form is not filled in on PC, please write legibly in black or blue ink. Please indicate with‘X’in the blank chosen. Any forms that do not follow the notes will be invalid.


申请人情况/Personal Information: 护照用名/Passport Name: 姓/Family Name: ___________________________________________________ 名/Given Name: ____________________________________________________ 国籍/Nationality: ________________ 护照号码/Passport No.: __________________ 出生日期/Date of Birth: 年/Year_______月/Month_______日/Day_______ 出生地点/Place of Birth: 国家/Country:_____________ 男/Male:□ 女/Female:□ 已婚/Married:□ 城市/City:_____________ 其它/Other:□ 照片 Photo


母语/Native Language:_______________________ 宗教/Religion:______________________________________ 当前联系地址/Present Address:____________________________________________________________

_______ 电话/Tel: _____________________ 传真/Fax: _____________________ E-mail: ________________________

永久通信地址/Permanent Address: ____________________________________________________________

___ 2. 受教育情况/Education Background: 学校 在校时间 Institutions Years Attended (from/to) ___________________ _____________________ ___________________ ___________________ 3. _____________________ _____________________

主修专业 Fields of Study _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

毕业证书及学位证书 Certificates Obtained or To Obtain ______________________...
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