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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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I never wanted to settle for "better" – I always wanted to become the best! I agree with a well-known businessman Zong Qinghou who suggests that “If you want to catch a whale, you have to fish in the sea, not in the pond”. I have great ambitions and firm foundations of management and marketing; however I lack knowledge of the Chinese language that would enable me to set sail for the international waters. I admire the exceptional culture of China and the diligence as well as the enterprise of the people. China is not only a tremendous, unique, exotic but also a booming country of great opportunities. In the future I am planning on doing the intern and later working in this country for at least two years. I would also like to acquire my MBA degree there. Therefore, my main goal is to gain the foundation of the Chinese language that would open the door to the opportunities: 1) to seek career in the current workplace;

2) to gain intercultural practice;
3) to make useful contacts and business bonds;
4) to get to know the business culture of China from up close; 5) to expand my horizon and world outlook.
I am certain that the studies of the Chinese language will create a synergy between my work experience, gained education and personal features and also will allow me to become the leader in business not only in my country but also internationally. As a secondary school student, I already actively participated in a program "Lithuanian Junior Achievement” that enabled young people to cultivate their entrepreneurial skills. I have worked at a company of practical business management training and I have undergone an international business apprenticeship in Poland. Furthermore, I have been developing my computer skills at Kaunas University of Technology and I have been certified in “Small and E-Business Organization”. These complementary activities have been an opportunity for me to improve my communication skills, consistency and determination as well as organization...
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