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Elite StudyInTaiwan Application for Admission
Complete this form and email to Elite StudyInTaiwan Program Office at| |
Identification Information|
Name:(as appears on your passport) |(Last/Surname)||(First/Given)||(Middle)| Gender: MaleFemale|Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD)::||Citizenship:|| |
Contact Information|
E-mail:||MSN/Y! IM:|||Cell:||Tel:||
Permanent Address:||Contact Address:|
Street Address|||Street Address||
Country||Postal Code|||Country||Postal Code||
Application Information|
Interested Programs (refer to||
Degree Level: Master’s Doctoral; Beginning Term: Fall (September) semester Spring (February) of 2010 2011| Research Interests:||
Educational Background|
|Full Name of Institution||City/Country||MM/YY-MM/YY||Degree||Major| High School:||||||||||
Language Proficiency|
Is English the instructional language in your last level of education? Yes No|Native Language:|| |
Self-evaluation of language proficiency, please check (V) where apply.| English|Poor||Fair||Good||Excellent|||Chinese|Poor||Fair||Good||Excellent| Listening||||||||||Listening||||||||
Language proficiency test(s) taken, please fill.|
English|Test Score||Date||Chinese|Test Score||Date|
International TOEFL|||||TOP||||
Financial Information|
State your plans for financing your education while you study in Taiwan: | Personal Savings Parental Support Scholarship:||Other:||
Other Information|
Emergency Contact: Name:||Telephone:||
Physical/health conditions or issues requiring attention:||
I, the undersigned applicant, guarantee that I am neither an overseas-Chinese nor an R.O.C. national and that the documents which I present for...
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