Study Plan

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Study Plan
My name is XXX a senior student from XXX University. I am expected to graduate at the end of this June. I have accepted the offer from Department of Chemistry at University of Wisconsin-Madison and I am longing for my Ph.D study there. After I finish my Ph.D study, I will go back to China and find a job as professional chemistry researcher.

Introduction of my background
I was born in the city of XXX in XXX as the only child of my family. In 2007, I entered XXX University and majored in Chemistry. The four-year-long study and three-year-long research laid a solid foundation in science for me. The pleasure I got from studying and doing research made me decide to pursue a career in chemistry, and to be specific, in the study of analytical chemistry.

Why do I choose to study in the U.S
Chemistry research has a history of more than three hundred years in the U.S. Until nowadays, the U.S is still in the leading position in the field of chemistry. A graduate school-level education in the U.S will no doubt benefit me greatly for my future career. It will give me the opportunity to interact with and learn from the best chemists in the world and participate in cutting-edge researches.

Why do I choose to study in the University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the top universities in the United States, and its department of chemistry is one of the most highly ranked Chemistry Departments as well. Studying in such a first-class chemistry program is always my dream. I chose this program for its prestigious professors, stimulating atmosphere and beautiful sceneries.

Detailed study plan
I will pursue my PhD degree in Chemistry in University of Wisconsin-Madison. The normal length of the study is about 60 months. Throughout these five years, my study and research will be focused on Mass Spectrometry. The time arrangement of the Ph.D program in Chemistry is listed as follow:

First Year (2011-2012),
I would like to put...
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