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Dear Mr. /Ms,
As a Social Sciences and Humanities university student, I am pursuing my Bachelor of art degree and going to complete the program in June, 2011. I am writing study plan to apply for Taiwan Government scholarship. I have studied Chinese and some things related to China such as economy, culture, politics and history. Beside Chinese, another important language I have learned is English. I always try my best to get a good result by managing my timetable clearly to balance studying and taking part in social activities. I attend every class to receive teacher’s guide and do research to get more knowledge from internet and library by myself. To apply the theory and improve my skills, I often going to the open houses with different groups to give HIV children gifts and play with them. When I look at them I have special emotion and I wish they would have better life thanks to generous support from society. Moreover, I am proud of performing as a dancer for many exchange culture events and festivals. I believe I contribute partly in representing diverse cultures of Asian countries.

After graduating at university, I would like to continue to study in Taiwan, because of three reasons as follow. First of all, Taiwan has developed education. Many universities and colleges in Taiwan reach to international standards and the number of international student increase in recent years. So Taiwan really becomes an international studying environment. The second reason is that Taiwan Government always creates opportunities for Vietnamese students to study and do research in Taiwan. I think it is really a good chance for me and Vietnamese student who want to study in Taiwan. Finally, with the youth and enthusiasm I want to learn deeply and challenge myself in international working and studying environment. There are reasons that I want to continue to study in Taiwan.

If I am received Taiwan Government scholarship, I will spend two years to study…at…This is a major that...
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