Study on Use of Mobile Phone by Nitk, Surathkal.

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A Study on

Applications of Mobile Phones by

Students of NITK, Surathkal..


Submitted by B Shrikar, Roll No: 12HM34 as a project for Business Research.



Chapter-1 Introduction 3

Chapter-2 Review of Literature 4

Chapter-3 Methodology 5

Chapter-4 Data Analysis and Result 9

Chapter-5 Summary and Conclusion 19

Chapter-6 Bibliography 20

Team Members : 12HM33 TO 12HM40.

Sachin ,

Shrikar B. 12HM34





Kynsailin Snaitang

Shruthi H,


A decade back, mobile phone was considered a luxury. But today, it is a necessary tool for communication, even for the students. Students of NITK vary in terms of parental income, interest, age, attitude, place of domicile, gender. They use mobile phone for information, entertainment and to stay connected with their family and friends. For some students mobile phone is also a fashion-oriented product and the use of mobile phone is directly affected by the change in prevailing fashion. The present study was undertaken keeping in view the above factors.

The study of applications of mobile phones by students of NITK was conducted with the following objectives:

1. To study the purposes for which Students of NITK use Mobile phones 2. To study the inclination of students towards specific Applications supported in Mobile Phones
3. To study the relationship between gender, class of study ( B Tech/M Tech/ Ph D/MBA etc) and the extent of usage of mobile phones.


1. The study was conducted on the students of NITK in the month of October / November 2012. 2. Quota sampling was used to draw samples of students of B Tech and other students. Within each quota convenience sampling was used to draw the samples. 3. While designing the sampling plan, it was proposed to cover 72% of B Tech students and 28% of remaining students ( MBA/MCA/MSc, MTech and PhD ). It was also proposed to cover 75% boys and 25% girls in the survey. But due to time constraint and practical problems the break up of sample drawn was 63.5% for B Tech and 36.5% for others (MBA/MCA/MSc , MTech and PhD). However the ratio of boys to girls could be maintained ( 76% boys, 24% girls) as planned.

Review of Literature.

Prior to commencing the project, articles on similar subjects, available on the internet, were studied. Website of NITK ( ) was also studied. The literature which has direct and indirect bearing on the objectives of the present investigation were studied.

In the literature studied1 60% of the respondents used mobile phones primarily for keeping in touch with friends and calling home when they are out. The Gender wise analysis shows that the tendency to call home is more among women than among men and the tendency to call friends is more among boys especially teens in the age group 15-19 years. 51% used mobile phones when they were in transit and 30% used it when they were at home.

Lady respondents were more irritated than men, with loud talk on mobile by people around them. This one of the reasons why more women than men set their mobiles on silent mode. 60% of the respondents could not do without a mobile phone even for a day. The purpose of using the phone i.e Safety, Status,...
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