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Tractor industries play an important role in the Indian agriculture sector it has a major contributions to the Indian agriculture. In early days tractors bought to India by the means of import from the foreign countries. The main contributions of the tractors are higher productivity and greater output. Tractor is a highly versatile piece of machinery having a multi uses, which are used in Agriculture for land reclamation and various crop cultivation. Tractors are not only used for agriculture cultivation and also used for mode of transport in villages, in electricity generation, in construction for carrying the materials, etc. Usage of tractors also depends on the different region, the usage of tractors in south India is moderate, and the usage of tractors in eastern and northern states including Bihar, Orissa, Jharkand and Punjab was very good because paddy cultivation in this regions. INDIAN SCENARIO IN MANUFACTURING TRACTORS

India plays an important role in manufacturing tractors in India and also playing major role in exporting tractors. Tractors are manufactured in India by the different manufactures and also with the collaborations with the foreign companies. Here is the list of different manufactures with different collaborators and year of established. ManufactureCollaboratorYear

Eicher Tractors LtdGebr,Eicher tractor, West Germany1961
Gujrath Tractors LtdMotokov-Praha,Czechoslovakia1963
TAFEMessy ferguson,UK1961
Escorts LtdMoloimport Arazawa zaklady Mechaniczne,Ursus Ploand1964 Mahindra &MahindraInternational harvestor,UK1965
Escorts Tractors LtdFord UK1971
Hindusthan machine toolsMotokov-Praha,Czechoslovakia1971
Kirloskar tractors LtdKlochner-Humboldt Deutz,Germany1974
Punjab tractors LtdCEMRI,India1974
Pittle Tractor Ltd1974
Harsha tractor LtdMoto import ,Russia1975
Auto tractor LtdBritish leyland,UK1981
Pratap steel rolling mills1983
VST TillersMitsubishi, Japan1983
United Auto tractor Ltdjzina tractorul,Romania1986
Asian tractor Ltd1989
Bajaj Tempo Ltd1987
International Tractors1998
Larson & Turbo Ltdjohn Deere US1999
Greaves LtdSame Deutz Fhar,Italy1999
The tractor market in India is very low when compared to the world standards. And the market of tractors is not uniform throughout India; Northern India has good sales when compared to the other regions. The medium horse power category, 31-40 HP are the most popular and in demand in India. Tractor market in India is about Rs 6000 Cr. Uttar Pradesh is the largest tractor market in India. One out of every four tractor being purchased in UP. Now a day’s market in India is also growing because the people are educated and understating the importance of the modern trends of the higher productivity. INDIAN TRACTOR EXPORT MARKET

India is exporting the tractors to different no of countries. Indian Made tractors has a good market in Srilanka, Nepal and USA.Indian manufactured tractors has the international standards by the virtue of foreign collaborations it is possible to export the more tractors to the rice and wheat growing countries like Canada, Philipines and Bangladesh.Mahindra tractors has released different models of tractors which are highly compete able with other manufactures in India and abroad. Mahindra’s “Shaan” model was recognised with American society for Agricultural & Biological Engineers award for being one of the 50 outstanding innovations of the year. DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS OF A TRACTOR:

Automatic seed drill
Chopper in sugar cane field
Centrifugal Pump
Sprayer in Horticulture
Land leveller and many more
Tractors are classified based on the power output. It can be divided in to four categories. 21-30HP:- These power range tractors are suitable for the soft soil conditions in the northern states like Punjab, Haryana, UP. These power range tractors are mainly used for...
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