Study on the Performance Management System

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Performance Management System (PMS) means a systematic process of managing the cycle of events associated with ensuring that performance outcomes are achieved. This cycle involves a series of activities that are linked in a systematic and integrated way to support performance achievements.

Performance management has the potential to improve the performance of organizations and act as a lever to achieve cultural change. A focus on performance can bring real rewards for organizations. Performance management can be the key space or mechanism for dialogue in an organization. An organization’s choice of where to focus its attention in relation to performance management may in part determine its future and can certainly guide its culture.

The performance cycle is a twelve month period during which performance is planned, executed and assessed.

The Balanced scorecard – an approach given by Kaplan and Norton provides a framework of various measures to ensure the complete and balanced view of the performance of the employees. Balanced scorecard focuses on the measures that drive performance. The balanced scorecard provides a list of measures that balance the organizations internal and process measures with results, achievements and financial measures.

To evaluate the organizational and employee performance in Performance appraisal management processes, the conventional approach measures the performance only on a few parameters like the action processes, results achieved or the financial measures etc.

In recent years the pressure on public sector organizations to deliver high quality, customer oriented services has risen. This has resulted in numerous initiatives being taken by the public sector in order to improve its performance. In terms of personnel management this leads to an increased interest in, among others, performance management, performance pay, competence frameworks,...
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