Study on Structure and Properties of Ptt Fiber and Spinning Feasibility of Ptt Short Fiber

Topics: Synthetic fiber, Fiber, Aramid Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: October 8, 2012
------Study on Structure and Properties of PTT Fiber and Spinning Feasibility of PTT Short Fiber

PTT (Polytrimethylene terephthalate) fiber is a kind of the most important fibers of the after-polyester period. With the development of economy, people's living standard is improving. More and more consumers hope that in the field of clothes and articles for daily life, high performance fabric can be conducted. Compared with other traditional chemical fibers, PTT fiber has the following characteristics: moderate glass transition temperature (Tg) and initial young’s modulus, excellent softness and elastic recovery; excellent wrinkle resistance; good dimension stability; excellent dyeability; good chemical stability and low absorbance. PTT fiber possesses many advantages of most synthetic fibers, and the most significant one is its excellent elastic recovery. And the workability, mechanical properties, thermo plasticity, extensibility, high elasticity, size-stability and dyeability of PTT is superior than PET, PA, which can also be widely applied on engineering plastic, thin film and other area.

PTT (Polytrimethylene terephthalate) cut fiber can be widely used as a substitute for spandex which is of high price, big investment, and complicated spinning process. Among the synthetic fibers, polyester becomes the first breed of synthetic fiber because of its excellent performance and lower price. PET and PBT have already been industry produced and the widely used PTT cut fiber integrate the rigidity of PET and suppleness of PBT. Its elasticity is lower than that of spandex but higher than that of PET.

It’s a pity the research is limited on the pivotal properties in the processes of dyeing and finishing, as well as the theoretical research on the dyeing mechanism of disperse dye in PTT fiber. In the first part of this thesis, three issues will be investigated as follows: the effect of temperature and the tension of heat treatments on structure and mechanical...
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