Study on Service Employees’ Role in Sport Organisations

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Organization Pages: 4 (1132 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Study on Service Employees’ Role in Sport Organisations

This article will outline the critical role of service employees in sport organisations, which was split into two parts. A detailed statement of why service employees are significant to the success of any sport service organisation is discussed first. This will be followed by a comparison of employees’ importance between participants and spectators.

In company after company investigated, Clutterbuck, Clark and Amistead (1993) concluded that the key competitive advantage is overall commitment of the employees. Employees are representatives of a sport organisation for the reason that they serve as the symbols of service quality and value proposition to customers. Zeithaml, Bitner and Gremler (2008) argued that employees are both the service and brand of the organization. Unlike tangible goods, in any sport service activities, production and consumption occurs simultaneously. Although employees mediate between organization and customers, they directly provide, promote, distribute and sell service to customers. At this perspective, employees’ attitude towards customers plays an essential role within service encounter and to some extent, a determinant factor to the service outcome. In addition to that, relationships between customers and employees have a strong influence among customers in some degree. Taking opening a membership card in a sports club as an example, if an employee does not familiar with all kinds of plans and do not know how to recommend suitable choice for customers or cannot answer questions properly, the fail service will have a bad impression to the other people onsite. What is worse, spreading by negative word-of-mouth the kind of experience they have had in this club damage the future business growth.

On the other hand, customer satisfaction and loyalty, financial performances are positively associated with employees. An active or emotive staff is vital to the customers’...
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