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BUS 101
Group Report
Section 09

Prepared For
Nadia Ashraf
School of Business

Prepared By

Abdullah Muustakim Nasif121 1051 030
Khaled Mohammad. Siraj121 0451 030
Moinul Hoque Pradhan113 1054 030
Mohammad Hamidur Rahman121 0969 030
Shahinul IslamTanim121 0791 030

Letter of Transmittal
April 14, 2012
Nadia Ashraf
School of Business
North South University

Subject: Submission of group report

Dear Nadia Ashraf,
Here is the group report on an Existing Business that you asked us to prepare us as a part of our BUS 101 course.

In presenting this report, we have tried our level best to include all the relevant information and the explanation to make the report informative and comprehensive.

It was very enriching and enthralling for us to prepare this report. Our report writing skills have improved considerably while doing it. If further clarification regarding this report is required, we will be available by any means.

Thank you for believing in us and giving us this wonderful opportunity to form, to lead and to act as a team.


Abdullah MuustakimKhaled MohammadHamidur Rahman Moinul Hoque Shahinul Islam Acknowledgments

We would like to thank Almighty Allah for giving us the patience and the ability to work hard with tremendous devotion. First and foremost thanks to our Course Instructor, Nadia Ashraf, for her invaluable guidance, encouragement and suggestion throughout the entire BUS 101 course. Without her support and faith upon us it would not have been possible to complete and submit this report in time

We are deeply indebted to Md. Didarul Alam without whom this report would not have been a success. His invaluable suggestions and information has provided us the wonderful opportunity to make this report informative.

Special thanks to:
Nadia Ashraf, Lecturer, School of Business Administration, NSU Md. Didarul Alam, Deputy General Manager, HR & Compliance, KDS Garments & Textiles Md. Azizur Rahman, Student, studying BBA in NSU
Md. Toha Hossain, Student, studying BBA in NSU
Rizwana Shama, Student, studying BBA in NSU
Suraiya Yasmin Khan, Student, studying BBA in NSU

Executive Summary

The following report has been prepared on the Profile of a renowned Company “KDS Garments & Textiles”

This report has been divided into four parts. The first part, Introduction, covers the whereabouts and the origin of the company. The second part is about the Business Analysis of KDS Garments & Textiles in which we added the Brief and Detailed SWOT analysis. In Management Analysis section the comprehensive data. It bears Planning, Organizing, Decision Making, Staffing, Communicating, Motivating, Leading, and controlling thus the managerial function of the firm and the marketing. The next part is about Promotional Strategy of the organization

Finally, the Conclusion part of the report holds the recommendations for overcoming some flaws that were realized during the study process of the business for preparing the following report.

Table of Contents
S\L no.Title of the ChapterPage
Letter of Transmittal3
Executive Summary5
1.1The Company7
1.2Whereabouts of the Organization7
1.3Parent Company8
2Business Analysis9
2.1Brief SWOT Analysis9
2.2Detailed SWOT Analysis10
3Management Analysis12
3.2Decision Making15
4Promotional Strategy20


1.1The Company--- KDS Garments & Textiles.
KDS has gained its place in readymade garments manufacturing market in Bangladesh,...
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