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Founded in 1947 Jacobs is one of the world’s largest Engineering companies, dealing both as a consultant and contractor. With it’s headquarters in Pasadena, California, it has around 60,000 employees in 25 countries with an average yearly revenue of $10 billion. It is a multi-disciplinary company and encompasses a vast range of areas. Projects range to anything from mining to aerospace. - Aerospace & Defence

- Worldwide it’s primary markets include:
- Automotive & Industrial
- Buildings
- Chemicals & Polymers
- Consumer and Forest Products
- Energy
- Environmental Programs
- Infrastructure
- Mining and Material
- Oil and Gas
- Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
- Refining
- Technology

In Jacobs UK the primary markets can be broken down into these four mains areas – energy, highways, rail and water. In Northern Ireland one of the major projects it has undertaken is the Water Rehabilitation Programme framework, where all clean (drinking) water pipes in the country are being replaced from the old outdated Iron pipes to the more modern plastic MDPE pipes. [pic]

To stay at the top of their game, the key objectives in the organisation are building good relationships with the client and continual growth in terms of increased market share every year. With the motto “People are our greatest asset” Jacobs puts a major emphasis on health and safety. It champions a scheme called ‘BeyondZero’ whereby every angle is covered on safety in the workplace whether it be in the office or out on a building site, or even while driving on company business.

As part of the BeyondZero initiative there are constant compulsory safety training sessions and courses such as first aid, confined space training and lunchtime seminars on safety updates within the company worldwide. Some examples of these actions for safety include: TSPA (Travel Safe Plan of Action) (Table 1.1) - All employees must fill out a TSPA form before they can drive on company business. Once filled out the form will give a complete forward account of the time, route and risks involved with the driver getting from A to B. The theory is if you plan your route there is less chance of getting lost or an accident happening. Risk Assessment Form (Table 1.2) – Identify all the possible risks an employee my face when out on site so they can take the appropriate preventative measures, i.e. PPE gear. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – Related to the Risk Assessment. Employees must bring appropriate clothing and equipment with them when leaving the office on company business depending on the risks involved. There are various other forms but these are the main documents to show what is involved in keeping workers within a safe working environment.

The company believes market share is even more important than profit margins for long term sustainability of the business, their aim is to grow 15% yearly. With 80-90% of the work they gain from repeat business, a good relationship with the client is important. To understand the clients needs and also in turn to boost quality control, they issue a costumer satisfaction survey at the end of the project to the client so they can get a better understanding of what they are doing right and what areas they can improve upon. Another more recent Jacobs drive is a scheme called ‘Value Plus’ where at the end of the project the client is shown how much money Jacobs has saved them though efficiency, work sharing (covered later) and unnecessary cost avoidance. Also, by so completing the project under budget, Jacobs will be in an excellent position to win the contract when the next project comes up for tender. In 2008 Jacobs saved their clients $2.6 billion. Another strategy Jacob’s UK uses is the Integrated Delivery & Workshare model. Work is sub-contracted to other Jacobs offices throughout the world,...
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