Study on Change in Consumer Buying Behavior in Food Bazaar

Topics: Retail companies of India, Methodology, Retailing Pages: 4 (787 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Future Group shall deliver Everything, Everywhere, Every time for Every Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner´


We share the vision and belief that our customers and stakeholders shall be served only by creating and executing future scenarios in the consumption space leading to economic development. We will be the trendsetters in evolving delivery formats, creating retail realty, making consumption affordable for all customer segments ± for classes and for masses. We shall infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed ambition. We shall be efficient, cost- conscious and committed to quality in whatever we do. We shall ensure that our positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us successful.

a new normal is being define in the Indian consumer market every day. With far reaching socio-economic changes that India has under gone in the last decade, the drivers in urban and rural India are maturing fast. With a growth strategy tempered with localization and an inclusive business model, future group is the only pure play local retailer poised to lead India’s consumption story with sustainable value creation.

Future group’s multi-format retail strategy captures almost the entire consumption in new categories


Main objective of the study is to find out the buying behavior of the customers coming into Big Bazaar. There are some extensive objectives for the study which are listed below.

* To determine the current status of Food Bazaar.

* To find out the customers response towards Food Bazaar.

* To study the satisfaction level of customers in different attributes of Food Bazaar.

* To observe various offers in food bazaar on sale of store.

* To observe the change in consumer buying behavior with offers displayed in food bazaar.

* To understand the role and contribution of consumers‟...
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