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The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy target customers needs and wants. Understanding the consumer behavior and consumers is never simple. Consumers may say one thing but do another. They may not be in touch with their deeper motivations. They may respond to influences that change their minds at the last minute. Studying customers provides clues for developing r new products, product features, prices, channels, messages and other marketing mix elements.

Marketers have researched consumer behavior for many years, and many articles have been published in marketing journals explaining how consumers make purchasing decisions. Brand preferred by the customers are largely based on certain factors which are important to them. These factors may change everyday depends upon the changes happening in the world around him. One factor which is important for one consumer need not be important for others

The study is undertaken for Amana Toyota, a Toyota dealer in Calicut, in order to find out the Brand Preference of sedan cars and their service. It is to aim that to understand, the most preferred brand of sedan cars and their services and the factors that considered as important by the customers while preferring a sedan car. Convenience Sampling method with the questionnaire were used under the study to collect primary data from the Sedan car customers. The study also tries to know about customers’ expectations, their level of satisfaction with the dealer service, opinion and suggestions about Toyota brand.


It is very difficult to exist and grow in the current competitive environment for a manufacturer in an Automobile industry. Managing for the future has become competing for the future. Today, marketers are finding different ways to impress customers with various things in order to achieve increased corporate profitability. Thus a marketer must have a clear understanding of his consumers and their behavior.

Since “Consumer is the King” it is very relevant for the company to understand the attitude of the consumers, positioning of current brands and also the influence of promotions and media on this category. This information will help to introduce new variants of product, new strategies to improve their productivity and new developments in company services for the creation of satisfied customers. Thus the company wants to know what factors are considered by customers while selecting a particular brand, the major competitors in the current market and the customers’ level of satisfaction with the company services. So the research problem is to investigate the reasons why the customers preferring Toyota as the best brand in Sedan Cars, to understand the customer’s expectation towards the product and to understand the customers’ satisfaction level with the dealership service.


The study on “Brand image on sedan cars and service” has a very significant role in present market condition. Due to the extreme volatility of today’s automobile market conditions, the marketers are facing much complexity in making decisions regarding their future activities. They are interested to know the attitude of their targeted customers in order to deliver better products and better services based on their taste and preference.

Today, the attitude towards the car was changed from the luxurious vehicle to daily use vehicle. At the same time, the cars are treated as the symbol of statue in the society also. Mostly, sedan cars are used for expressing one’s status in the society. Thus the extreme competition is happening in the sedan category. So, the study about brand preference of sedan cars is relevant today.


* To study the brand image of Sedan cars and service among the customers in the Calicut district SUB OBJECTIVE:
* To identify the most powerful...
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