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Section A: Market Analysis
• Region, state, and city: U.S.

o Where is the analysis of your company taking place? Sprint is an international company and so does not supply information by city or region. This assignment is based business in the U.S.

o Why is this particular location selected (are sales down, is the population shifting, etc.)? Sales are down, customers are subscribing to the competition. Sprints has been unable to meet customer demand for the latest technology (iPhone).

o How accessible is this location to the customers? There are Sprint customer care centers in almost every city.

Demographics and psychographics (pasted from

|Wireless Addicts | |The average age of a wireless addict is mid 30s. This customer visits a Sprint store monthly looking for the latest in technology. | |The wireless addict ensures they have the latest technology before their friends and are constantly educating people on the latest in | |wireless technology. | |The wireless addict deserved significant focus because they influence other wireless users. We must ensure these customers know Sprint has | |the best selection and an open environment. | | | |Head of Households | |The average age of this customer segment is in the mid 30s. 90 percent are female and have mastered the art of texting. Now, they are | |advancing to social networking and want to update Facebook from their phone. Social networking is a key component for this customer, so | |Sprint is targeting the customer needs by providing assistance in enabling the customer’s device while educating the customer on device | |applications. These customers will not learn all device features without assistance. | |Multi-Taskers | |The average age of the multi-tasker is mid 30s. This segment is a combination of approximately 60 percent female and 40 percent male | |focusing on device usage for business as well as personal productivity. The multi-tasker has minimal interest in social networking, and | |focuses on speed in task completion. This segment is looking for value, productivity, and assistance in educating them on device usage. |

Competition (U.S.)

o The main competitors for Sprint Nextel are AT&T, T Mobile and Verizon.

o Select Services offered by the competitors:

▪ Rollover minutes

▪ Prepaid plans with no contract

▪ My Favs

▪ GSM Network

▪ 24 hr customer service

▪ iPhone

o Sprint Nextel Select Services:

▪ Unlimited data while competitors have a tiered plan for data use

▪ Fist to offer the 4G network. The company also put the new Apple iphone4 on the market as of Oct 2011.

▪ Sprint has exclusive rights to the new iPhone5 which will launch in the future. The iPhone 5 will have a faster CPU, 4 inch screen with higher resolution, 1GB of RAM, and will be thinner with a larger battery.

o How can Sprint ideally capture a greater market and make more profit in this location?

▪ Updating the...
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